Poem “To My Dear Brother Eric Garner”

My dear brother Eric Garner I woke up this morning thinking about your tragic loss, man it’s sad how all of them officers of the law got off, brother Eric someone actually caught your murder on videotape, so I’m gonna be honest, when they came back with no case, on those cops I was simply astonished, I used to sell on the corner too, I could’ve been you, and I swear, only through answered prayers that your boy made it through, The cops killed you, killed Mike Brown, and Walter Scott in South Carolina too, man I can’t truly explain my feelings, so we went out and marched it was a Spike Lee joint “get on the bus” type of feeling, I met your daughter at the one year anniversary rally she seemed in good spirits, 11 times you yelled I can’t breathe, but them cops didn’t believe, so they let you die on the seen, that’s mean, or better yet inhumane, but I still refuse to fight violence with violence we’re going to use our brains, we’re gonna vote, become lawyers, prosecutors and judges too, because if we don’t then the next time I could be writing about you!