Stop The Violence Campaign

If I can help one child turn from their wicked ways and follow the Lord, then my time spent on this earth was not in vain. As I recently traveled to Ghana. I realized that even growing up in the Ghettos of America, that I was still at more of an advantage than most of the people in this world. But for many children in the ghetto, they never really have a chance to even realize that. Cause 1. The lack of an authentic presence of God in the neighborhoods. People are doing whatever they feel like doing and life does not work that way, 2. The culture that’s in place in the hood where celebrities are there gods is another problem. So people are worshipping created things instead of the creator Himself, and 3. America is flashing wealth in their face, and not showing them how to obtain that same wealth that they see on tv and in the movies is another problem. For children in the ghetto there is a blatant lack of information. 
So I say all of that to simply say this, STOP THE Violence!!! I’m from the Hood too, grew up right there in Irvington, New Jersey and trust me when I tell you this there is a much better way of doing things. It starts when Jesus Christ becomes the Lord and Savior over your life (Romans 10:9-11). Then He will make all things new, and give you an abundant life if you are willing to do life His way. (John 10:10)