We Need A Radical Change in Ghana Today And Not Tomorrow!

I think it’s a problem when people care more about the history of Africa, and don’t care about Africa in the present day. Right now in Ghana we have an energy crisis going on or as they say in Ghana (Domsor, Domsor). Where power is getting shut off in communities for (sometimes two or three days at a time) and keep in mind you still have to pay your monthly electricity bill. The frequent Ghanaian blackouts are caused by a power supply shortage. Ghanaian generating capacity is currently 400-600 megawatts less than Ghana needs. Ghanaian electricity distributors regularly shed load with rolling blackouts.
At the beginning of 2015, the dumsor schedule went from 24 hours with light and 12 without to 12 hours with light and 24 without. The long blackouts contrast with the practice in other countries, where blackouts roll rapidly, so that no residential area is without power for more than one hour at a time. 
In Ghana we have a tap water supply problem. Where the water that’s coming through the faucet is not suitable to drink, and that’s if the water is running at all. The president of Ghana is not doing anything for the people, I have walked the streets personally and have seen the hopeless feeling in the young peoples’ eyes. The infrastructure there is 50 years too old and cannot support the growth in population that is being seen and Ghana today. I know people here in America might not care about this because it’s not affecting them personally, but we need every Ghanaian in America and none Ghanaian to care about mother Africa. If you guys really mean any of the black power and black awareness stuff that y’all talk about online. In 2016 there must be a change in the Ghanaian government 


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