We Need To Vote And Run For Public Office In The Black Community 

  In 1965 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote while in Selma, Alabama 

“If Negroes could vote, there would be no Jim Clarks, there would be no oppressive poverty directed against Negroes. Our children would not be crippled by segregated schools, and the whole community might live together in harmony.”

Thus my question is in 2015 now that everybody has the right to vote (on the majority) why isn’t there a push for us to vote these days? Has voting become ineffective? Or have we been brainwashed into believing other truths from what Dr. King stated up above? 

Well as for me certainly I choose the latter and not the former. If Dr. King was alive today I think he would change the If Negroes could vote to If Negroes would vote.  



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