My Views On Ferguson

With all that’s going on I feel that it’s time that I express my views on the non indictment of Darren Wilson from the Ferguson, Missouri police department for the unlawful killing of Michael Brown Jr. First of all, I want to say that we need more prayer in Ferguson and less violence. As a Christian my bible tells me that vengeance is the Lord’s. Deuteronomy 32:35 And again the apostle Paul says it in Romans 12:19.
My dear friends I feel that we need to educate ourselves (knowledge is power) . The situation that is occurring is nothing new!! Cops killing young black males has been happening for generations, but after all the heartache and pain, everyone always resort back to the same-ol’ same-ol’ and we don’t learn from it and that can’t keep happening.
So I’m urging everybody to start voting whenever there is an election. Start protesting peacefully wherever injustices are being committed . Go to college, run for public office, serve in your community and on jury duty. Be apart of the judicial process, then maybe we can be in that prosecutor’s seat or on that grand jury next time something like this happens, And that’s how you create change God Bless.


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